• What does Valhöll mean?

    Valhöll is the Old Norse version of Valhalla, or Odin’s Hall. This is the home of heroes who are slain in battle, where they drink and await Ragnarok. Valhöll Brewing celebrates the inner warrior in each of us, and each of our beers is that little slice of heaven after vanquishing each day.

  • Where is Poulsbo?

    Poulsbo is located on the Kitsap Peninsula, across the Puget Sound from Seattle, Washington. That is where those ferries go when they leave downtown Seattle.

  • What is the hashtag #myvalholl mean?

    Valhöll believes that there is warrior in each of us, that drives us to achieve and conquer each day. After defeating each work day, we all find heaven in our own way, whether it is fishing, biking, reading, mountain climbing, painting, getting a new tattoo, or whatever you do to find peace and joy. After a long day, or an adventure, you deserve a beer. Share your inner warrior and your version of heaven with us using #myvalholl

  • Does Valhöll host private parties?

    Our tasting room is available to book out private parties on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Please call into the tasting room Wednesday - Sunday to get something scheduled.

  • I own a bar or restaurant, and would like to carry Valhöll on tap.

    Well that is not really a question, but we still have answers. Valhöll beers are currently distributed by Marine View Beverage throughout *insert appropriate counties*. If you are outside these areas, please contact us directly and we will see what we can do!

  • Is Valhöll available outside of Washinton?

    We do not currently distribute outside of Washington State. However, there is a market here in Poulsbo that can ship some of our bottles to certain states.

  • Can you please send me some coasters, stickers, bottle caps or bottle labels for my collection?

    Yea, we can. But we need you to send us a dollar or two. Also, a self addressed envelope with postage pre-paid. Or check our our merch page and see what is available to order.

  • When I go to order a t-shirt, it says I am paying Fingers Duke. Who are they?

    Fingers Duke Design Studio & Screen Printing is an awesome local company that we have partnered with to handle our merch. They do all of our screen printing and branding design work, and handle fulfillment for our online orders. We are too busy making great tasting beer to be running t-shirts to the post office, so they do it for us. They are our heroes and we love them. Don’t worry though, Valhöll still makes money from each shirt you purchase through Fingers Duke.

  • Does Valhöll make and serve food?

    Nope, we make and serve beer. However, downtown Poulsbo does have a plethora of great great food that you are welcome to order to go and bring into our tasting room. You can even order a pizza and have it delivered to the brewery. That is right, outside food is welcome! We also have a small assortment of snacks such as chips that are available for purchase from your bartender.

  • May I buy a keg of Valhöll beer for a party?

    For sure! But you better call and schedule it in advance. We can not always guarantee that somebody will be available to fill kegs, or that there is enough of your favorite beer. It is not our problem if you do not plan ahead.

  • Do you guys have (insert generic light beer name) on tap? That is all I drink.

    Um, no we don't have (above generic light beer name) on tap! We are a craft micro brewery, not a college sports bar. We classy. And they always said there was no such thing as a stupid question…

  • I am not sure what kind of beer I like, can you help me decide?

    Well we can’t form your opinions for you (yet), but we can point you in the right direction. Come on by, let us know what you normally like, and we can recommend something. We might even let you try a taste before you order. Or, order a flight of sample pours and try out a couple of our beers to help find what you like.

  • Where can I park?

    We have a small parking lot next to the building, and some public parking spots across the front. Other than that, there is parallel street parking all along 3rd Street, or there is a larger public parking lot along the water front on the other side of Front Street. There is a set of stairs next to Marina Market that lead back up to 3rd Street.

  • Do you serve anything besides beer?

    Yup! We generally have a local cider or two on tap. For the kiddos, we brew a great non-alcolholic root beer in house.

  • Where can I find information about upcoming events that Valhöll is participating in or hosting?

    We are part of this pretty low-key social media network called Facebook, you have probably never heard of it. We post and share all of our events and activities, deepest darkest secrets, and personal drama on there for the world to see. Check it out!